TV Girl – TV Girl EP

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This four track initial offering from San Diego’s TV Girl is pretty amazing, sounding like a mix of surf/retro music with samples and fun drum loops. This will be fun to listen to this summer with the windows open. Check out their bandcamp page, where they are offering free downloads of the EP. Enjoy.

Album Artwork

Weird Tapes – Get Religion

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The latest incarnation of Memoryhouse/Memory Tapes/Memory Cassette, Weird Tapes.

//best song: Nikki

Miami Horror – Illumination & Bravado

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all the hype, corny keyboard synth, energy and love of the 80s mixed with the production and new synth and sampling of the current indie/pop/electronica.  super upbeat happy dance music.  Best Song: “Don’t Be On With Her”.


ActiveChild – Curtis Lane EP

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mellow, haunting, surreal, echoing inspiration that will keep you coming back for more.  Best Song: When Your Love is Safe…but you’re better off just manning up and listening to it the whole way through from the start.

Millionyoung – Sunndreamm EP, AND Be So True EP

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Millionyoung is 80s synthy wonder, with hip hoppy beatdrops, soaring synth backdrops…fucking unreal scope it out.  I am tired of this.  He is a badass with a rainbow music skillz.  Why do neon rainbows appear so much in favorite album art?  Because it’s most pleasing to the visual cortex to view the color spectrum all at once, just as oscillating synths try to give you the whole aural spectrum all at once?


Geographer – Animal Shapes EP [2010]

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A running theme in my reviews: please scroll down before reading on and begin playing “kites” before continuing — if you don’t love geographer by ~45 seconds in, you never will.  Mine and hazen’s favorite band of the summer.  In short, synthy, sugary, mellow beats with super catchy hooks.  Geographer’s most addicting sound is their water-droplet synth.  This water-droplet is stirred in a pot with baking soda and comes out magic.  But any band can find a unique amazing sound and profit right?  Mike (featured on Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Synths, and Bass) Deni’s cool, smooth vocal instrument soars and quivers –threating to shatter under dripping emotional strain–  to complement the 3 sometimes 4 layers of synth that use more traditional indietronica song elements as a base to launch into neon space love.

I’m having trouble capturing my love and wonder for this CD so let me do as virgil once did and utilize an “EPIC SIMILE”…

This geographer ep stimulates your ear the same way watching a color-oscilating sunset through prisms of ocean spray — refracting the light into infinitely complex patterns and colors only to have the sun set and the have the sea light up in a rainbow of biolumenesent, quivering, waves of neon mixing in complementary, geometric, wonder that you find yourself snorkeling in, spinning and turning to discover new flows of color and beauty at each twist.

Best Song: Kites.

Starfucker – Starfucker, Jupiter [2008, 2009]

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A local Portland band that I’ve been playing non-stop this summer –
both albums remind me of Vampire Weekend in that I can listen to each
album straight through and love every single song. Great catchy pop with a lot of good synth and electro aspects thrown in there for good measure. More sunny psych pop!


Timmy actually bought this album off of the internet, if you can believe that.
We have the utmost respect bordering on obsession for this guy’s music, so it
was a worthy sacrifice. It was also impossible to find a downloadable version.


Baths – Cerulean [2010]

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Baths is electronic downtempo-ish glitch music focused around abstract piano and guitar samples with cool beats. Check out, “Animals” and “Halls,”
two of my favorite tracks.


Beat Connection – Surf Noir [2010]

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A Seattle, WA duo that just released an awesome EP which, as the title suggests, has a surfy summer
atmosphere. Trust me with this one, it’s already one of my top albums. From an interview of the pair here,

“Fusing a love of music, life and expansive creativity, Jordan Koplowitz and Reed Juenger have composed an elegant and uplifting record, with tracks like the dance inspired Silver Screen and the blissed-out In The Water showcasing their ability to locate and form a joyous melody.”