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Bad Season Pt. 4 Spring Park Montage MADNESS

Posted by hazen On March - 29 - 2013

Enough has been made of the “bad winter” already. Yes, there wasn’t much snow, but hot shit on a shingle is skiing a good time! This winter proved beyond a doubt in my mind that you can’t have a bad season, because you can always enjoy it regardless of precipitation. People enjoy this sport all over the world because it is incredibly fun, and most would say that we live in one of the coolest areas in the world to ski and should have been grateful. Which is true. By the end of the season I had forgotten it all and simply had a blast skiing. I think the rest of the crew had forgotten too, judging by the video. Bring on the bad seasons now; I think I’m ready to just enjoy being on snow.

A Lap with Sean Field

Posted by hazen On February - 5 - 2013

Slant Skis athlete Sean Field has been seen on a daily basis destroying Squaw’s terrain parks. Prime mid-line back flip, too.

Phil’s Wizard Trick

Posted by hazen On January - 9 - 2013

Phil has discovered a new magical rail shredding potion in his tome of spells! It took him a while to remember the spell but he got it. SHAZAM!

Hazen’s 7

Posted by hazen On January - 5 - 2013

It was a magical discovery; a perfect wind-lip, sheltered away from the holiday Alpine Meadows crowds’ thrashing skis and insatiable lust for pow. A monument to the freeskier, a beacon of hope for jibbers with fat skis. In other words we barely had to even shovel the lip! It was a jump for the lazy.

Bad Season Part 2: Squaw February

Posted by hazen On July - 5 - 2012

Big ups go to Brian Hebert AKA HeebieGeebie AKA Ground$core for hooking us up with a killer track! Look forward to more where that came from…

Hoodlums: May at Timberline

Posted by hazen On June - 23 - 2012

Bad Season Part 1

Posted by hazen On June - 23 - 2012

Tahoe Clips 1: TimmyP

Posted by hazen On June - 23 - 2012

January Mammoth Trip

Posted by hazen On June - 23 - 2012

Interlodged Ep. 7: Boreal $15 Fridays

Posted by hazen On August - 4 - 2011