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Winter Explorations

Posted by hazen On February - 11 - 2013

Having spent the last 5 or 6 winters in the mountains, the act of searching for new things to do and ski in the snow has become an art form. I’ve found that not only have I become far better at it, but also enjoy it just as much as actually skiing the discovery. The anticipation can become unbearable knowing there are so many cool places to be. Snow conditions have to be just right, your attitude and physical abilities have to be on point, and of course you should have a buddy at the bottom with a recording ┬ádevice of some sort to catch the action.

This winter has afforded me the ability to see lots of new places around Lake Tahoe that are incredibly beautiful and also look totally radical to ski. For example, this zone here elicits the promise of a ride you won’t ever forget. Tucked in between each of the snow spines and rocky outcroppings is a terrifying chute waiting to be sent at high speeds.

Looking South along the Sierra Crest

Looking South along the Sierra Crest

Any skier that has so much as glanced at a ski magazine on the grocery store shelf knows what a “pillow” looks like. A tasty pillow zone somewhere in Donner Pass:
Blackwood Canyon, just waiting for some fat flakes to fall.
Ward Canyon

Luckily the Sierra Nevadas are 400 miles long, we’ve got a bit more exploring to do.

Early Season Donner

Posted by hazen On January - 20 - 0201

December is a great month for snow in the Sierras, and this December was no exception. We got hit with a solid storm and ventured up into Donner Pass as soon as the skies cleared.
Donner Lake on the drive up Old 40
Looking up in awe as we climb into the promised land of pow
This is the snow we got to ski. I love snow.
Hiking up for another lap

…And back at the cars. You can almost see the stink coming out of Grant’s boots.
Back at the Cars