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The Road… Shasta

Posted by hazen On May - 5 - 2013

JP, Timmy and Hazen checking in from the road. We just finished up 4 incredible days on Mount Shasta, where the locals are weird and the hikes are long. Timmy and Ingrid found a great camping spot on the first night below snow level that was warmer and more sheltered and we established a solid base camp. Each of the four days we toiled up 2,500′ vert to our jump spots and dug. And dug. Our first jump:



Our next spot we were determined to build a step-up, regardless of build-time. JP standing at the top of the lip-



Timmy whistlin’ as he works.




The sun sets over 14,000 foot Shasta in fine form as our adventure here comes to a close.




The camper in full effect under the stars.




As soon as we finished our second jump session we packed everything up and drove through the night, sad to leave the beautiful Shasta Wilderness but gripped by excitement to discover what Mount Hood holds for us. More to come…

Eli Sobel Line of the Week!

Posted by hazen On March - 8 - 2013

This week we saw a few storm days hit the Sierras and Eli and the crew were ready for pow.

Video: Line of the Week with Hazen at Alta

Posted by hazen On March - 3 - 2013

I was lucky enough to catch some amazing snow (and sun) on a trip out to Utah to visit family, and had the helmet cam on for a run or two. Some photos from the beautiful but mostly boring drive through Nevada.LonePeak


After surviving the never-ending salt flats we round the corner and see the Wasatch front still wrapped in clouds

WasatchFront WasatchFrontClouds

A glimpse of the conditions:

Headed back to sunny Mount Tahoe!


Line of the Week: A Run Down with Hazen and JP

Posted by hazen On March - 2 - 2013

Amidst an exploratory mission Hazen and JP decide get off the sleds and take a run down. Yes this is all one run with 4 well distinguished shelves of terrain. Well worth the hike out.

Winter Explorations Part II

Posted by hazen On February - 20 - 2013

A second journey into the great Sierra unknown with Josh.Josh

Looking on the zone I’m temporarily calling “Gnarzipan”:



Josh looking down some fun looking options



Standing on top of this chute (the one in the right third) was one of the scarier things I’ve done, I couldn’t really get near it without having skis on


The rock formations right across the canyon were totally different, and the chutes look mellow and fun


And of course there was some good sledding to be had. Josh getting after it:


Bad Season: Pt. 3 Is Here! (Finally) AND A NEW SITE!

Posted by hazen On February - 16 - 2013

To celebrate the new site, we present Bad Season Pt. III! It has been a long time coming, but worth the wait.

We have a fancy-pants revamped website thanks to good friend Matt Bansak! Take a look around, we’ve been busy adding some new content to the blog and updating our videos section. In addition there are rumors of the freshest batch of Janky Ts in years and sticker packs about to surface in the store section, so keep your eyes peeled.

Be sure to check out Matt’s photography section, he’s an incredibly talented individual.

Surreal indeed…

Winter Explorations

Posted by hazen On February - 11 - 2013

Having spent the last 5 or 6 winters in the mountains, the act of searching for new things to do and ski in the snow has become an art form. I’ve found that not only have I become far better at it, but also enjoy it just as much as actually skiing the discovery. The anticipation can become unbearable knowing there are so many cool places to be. Snow conditions have to be just right, your attitude and physical abilities have to be on point, and of course you should have a buddy at the bottom with a recording ┬ádevice of some sort to catch the action.

This winter has afforded me the ability to see lots of new places around Lake Tahoe that are incredibly beautiful and also look totally radical to ski. For example, this zone here elicits the promise of a ride you won’t ever forget. Tucked in between each of the snow spines and rocky outcroppings is a terrifying chute waiting to be sent at high speeds.

Looking South along the Sierra Crest

Looking South along the Sierra Crest

Any skier that has so much as glanced at a ski magazine on the grocery store shelf knows what a “pillow” looks like. A tasty pillow zone somewhere in Donner Pass:
Blackwood Canyon, just waiting for some fat flakes to fall.
Ward Canyon

Luckily the Sierra Nevadas are 400 miles long, we’ve got a bit more exploring to do.

Keenan Hawkins Line of the Week

Posted by hazen On February - 10 - 2013

KeeKee and Hazen sledded out to a top secret location and Keenan bagged this little gem.

First Day Sled Skiing

Posted by hazen On December - 20 - 2012

Hittin’ Rocks: A Video Short

Posted by hazen On November - 22 - 2012

Late last spring Keenan Hawkins came upon a rock while hiking up Donner. The rock filled him with inspiration. This footage is proof of that inspiration. Austin also found his own rock feature, don’t tell Hazen.